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History and Background

My name is Brendan Boyle. In 2002, I graduated from Class 93 of the State Center Community College District, California P.O.S.T. Certified Police Academy in Fresno, California. Upon graduation, I was awarded with Number One in Law Enforcement Skills and as the Number Two Overall Cadet. I was then hired by my police department, located on the San Francisco Bay Area Peninsula.

After completing the Field Training Program, I was assigned to Field Operations - Patrol, where I worked the midnight or graveyard shift. During this time, I learned to conduct thorough and complete criminal investigations in all manner of crimes including, but not limited to, theft, burglary, assault, robbery, narcotics, domestic violence, fraud, identity theft, child abuse, elder abuse, driving under the influence, prostitution, and human trafficking. I received the honor of a Lieutenant's Commendation for the apprehension of two robbery suspects and a Captain's Commendation for assistance in apprehending two automobile burglary suspects. After four years of service in Patrol, I tested for and was selected for assignment to Field Operations - Traffic Bureau. 

As a Traffic Officer, I was responsible for for proactive traffic violation enforcement and traffic collision investigation. Over the next four plus years, I completed hundreds of hours of training and professional development in the fields of traffic enforcement, engineering, and education, along with traffic collision investigation and collision reconstruction. I issued thousands of citations to vehicle code violators and conducted hundreds of traffic collision investigations. I testified as an expert in the field of Traffic Collision Investigation and Reconstruction during multiple criminal trials. I was trained and certified in collision and crime scene diagramming and digital mapping. I was trained and certified to operate Pulse Laser / Total Station electronic survey and measurement equipment. I completed training and I was certified as a RADAR and LIDAR operator. I was trained and certified in Preliminary Alcohol Screening (PAS) device operation and calibration. I was trained and certified in NHTSA Standardized Field Sobriety Testing and DUI Investigation. I have completed dozens of training hours provided by the California Office of Traffic Safety on a variety of topics including vehicular homicide and DUI checkpoint planning and management. I have received extensive training specific to commercial vehicle enforcement, motorcycle enforcement, pedestrian, and bicycle enforcement. I also had the honor of being selected and serving as my department's only motorcycle officer instructor.

In 2011, I was assigned as my police department's first Senior Traffic Officer. While assigned as the Senior Traffic Officer, I continued my training and professional development in the areas of traffic collision investigation and reconstruction. As the lead investigator on multiple vehicular homicide collisions and as the primary collision reconstruction expert on dozens of my police department's major injury, fatal injury, and officer involved traffic collisions, I was able to provide factually reliable conclusions as to cause of primary collision factors. I also provided assistance, collision scene mapping and diagramming, and collision reconstruction opinions to multiple outside agencies on cases that occurred in their respective jurisdictions. I achieved county wide recognition as a leader in this area of investigation.

In January of 2014 my time in the Traffic Bureau ended. I rotated back to Field Operations - Patrol where I worked Swing Shift and had the honor of being assigned as a Field Training Officer. Upon my return to Patrol as a Field Training Officer, I had the responsibility of training and evaluating newly recruited police officers for positions as fully sworn officers.

In November of 2014, I was promoted to the rank of Police Sergeant. I was assigned as to Field Operations - Patrol as a Relief Sergeant. In addition to my supervisory duties, I was also assigned to manage the Field Training Program. As a Police Sergeant my duties included the supervision of both sworn and non-sworn police department personnel, supervision and coordination of directed patrol activity, police report review and approval, and police officer employee performance evaluations. Unfortunately in late 2015, several long and lingering work related injuries disqualified me from continuing my career as a peace officer. This unfortunate circumstance required me to leave my police department as an industrial disability retiree. 

In addition to my service as an employee of my police department, I also had the great honor of volunteering for and being elected to the Board of Directors of my Police Officers' Association. For over a decade and five consecutive terms, including two as Vice-President, I became highly trained and experienced in all areas of public employee labor representation and public employee collective bargaining. My voluntary service to to our membership was as rewarding to me as my sworn peace officer service to the community.  

Because my passion for investigation, fact finding, and service has not, and will never diminish, after my retirement, I founded Boyle Investigation Services in my home community of Kings County, California. My extensive training, skills, high level of knowledge, and abilities are now utilized to provide my clients with superior quality private investigation services. I look forward to the opportunity of serving you. Please do not not hesitate to call, email, or complete our contact form for a free consultation.     


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california COMMISSION ON PEACE OFFICER STANDARDS AND Training Certifications


  • Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced  



  • Supervisor School

  • Field Training Officer Program Supervision and Administration

  • Field Training Officer

  • Inner Perspectives / Patrol Operations Field Leadership

  • Crisis Intervention Training (CIT)

  • Basic Motorcycle Officer

  • Motorcycle Officer Instructor

  • Basic Traffic Collision Investigation


  • Intermediate Traffic Collision Investigation

  • Advanced Traffic Collision Investigation

  • Traffic Collision Reconstruction

  • Radar / Lidar Operator  

  • Traffic Collision and Crime Scene Mapping and Diagramming

  • Pulse Laser Total Station Operation Course  

  • Preliminary Alcohol Screening Device Operation and Calibration

  • Motorcycle Safety and Enforcement  

  • Introduction to Commercial Vehicle Enforcement




  • OTS DUI Checkpoint Planning and Management
  • California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) 2009 Summit
  • California District Attorneys’ Assoc. / OTS Vehicle Homicide


PEace officers research association of california and other related labor training

  • P.O.R.A.C. Advanced Collective Bargaining Training (2011)

  • P.O.R.A.C. Association Leadership Training (2012)

  • P.O.R.A.C. Political Action / PAC Management Training (2012)

  • P.O.R.A.C. Basic Collective Bargaining Training (2006)

  • P.O.R.A.C. Annual Conference of Members Training (2011 & 2012)

  • Rains, Lucia, Stern Labor Symposium (2012)

  • Rains, Lucia, Stern Brady Seminar (2012)